The Doghide River Trails Project is a joint project among Tisdale Middle & Secondary School, The Canadian Wildlife Federation and The Town of Tisdale. The project was initiated in 2003-04 with a grant of $500 from the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

In the first year, Biology 20 and Comm unication 20 students cleanedthe trails and river bank of debris, identified a variety of plant species and marked them. Students established trailheads which housed colourful brochures featuring information regarding plants along the trail. Students were justifiably proud of the work they had done.

For the short time the trail was operational, we received awesome responses to our efforts. Young and old alike enjoyed walking the trail and examining the marked plant varieties.

Unfortunately the trails fell victim to vandals over the summer months. One of the bird houses was destroyed, brochures were taken from the trailheads and markers were removed. Because it is impossible to keep a watchful eye on the trail at all times, we need to illicit the help of the general public. We shall call you "Friends of the Doghide".

Our project has garnered recognition for our school and community this past year. The Tisdale Recorder has covered our project several times including May 26, 2004 as we cleaned the river bank and worked to prepare stakes for the trail. In February, 2005, we appeared in "Class Act", a special feature of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix covering school-related community service. They were interested enough in our project to feature it again in celebration of Earth Day on April 22.

Perhaps our most note-worth recognition came in April, 2005 when the Canadian Wildlife Federation announced we had won a national award: The Canadian Wildlife Habitat Award: Best Overall School Project in Canada. We were thrilled! The award will be presented June 14 at a student assembly.

In 2004-05 we again received funding from the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Our plans for this year include clearing debris, re staking the trail and re-introducing native berries (yummy saskatoons). To celebrate our province's and town's centenary, we are also printing three sets of postcards commemorating the Doghide River and its trails. They will be made available at the Homecoming and later at local businesses around town.

We would like to thank individuals in organizations who continue to support our project by donating time or materials.

Enjoy browsing our web site. We would appreciate hearing from you, so contact us with your feedback or with photos you'd like to have appear in our photo gallery.








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